Monday, October 31, 2005

Excuse for not blogging #41

I know it's Monday for the rest of you, but I'm still weekending (goofing off with my sister, who's visiting from Dallas), so I won't be doing any heavy-duty blogging. I just wanted to blow some kisses to Terry Teachout, who has just listed my blog in About Last Night's sidebar under "Sites to See."

He's classed mine with the litblogs, which is wildly flattering. Maybe I should start using bigger words and better grammar around here. Hey, maybe I could get J. Mark Bertrand to coach me. And at the risk of disappointing Chris Mikesell, I might even resolve to never again post about underwear.

But these aren't decisions I have to make today. As I said, I'm still enjoying my weekend, and it's a beautiful autumn morning.

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