Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blogging blahs

The internet is a fascinating place, but sometimes I just get a little tired of being fascinated. Like this morning. I logged on, looked around, skimmed the usual assortment of interesting news items and thought-provoking blog entries...and felt nothing.

So guess what this entry is about? Nothing.

Sometimes it's good to take a vacation from the blogosphere. I'm sure I'll be back here tomorrow, all breathless about something I've discovered and want to share with you, but for today, I'm empty.


Note to all of the nice people who have arrived here via Grumpy Old Bookman and other fine blogs: My posts are usually longer and more interesting than this. Please come back tomorrow and give me another chance to impress you. Or just scroll down a bit.

1 comment:

Robin Bayne said...

Just like a Seinfeld episode!!