Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Whew, the pressure's off

If you don't have a blog, or if you have one but don't post six days a week, you're missing out on the gutwrenching angst dedicated bloggers experience once a week or so after they've ripped through all their morning news sources and combed each of their favorite blogs and haven't managed to find a single topic they feel moved to blog about.

I was beginning to fear this would be just such a morning, but fortunately I had one more stop to make, the scary-smart Joe Carter's The Evangelical Outpost. I laughed at this, both from amusement and from giddy relief that I now had something to blog about.

I suspect that most people who read my blog regularly find my posts to be wildly inconsistent, finding every third or fourth (or perhaps ninth or tenth) as being above-average and worthy of attention. I don’t think this is an unreasonable expectation. After all, a baseball player who has a batting average of .400 -- 4 hits for every 10 times at bat -- is considered to be an exceptional hitter. Similarly, a blogger who writes daily and has 4 quality posts out of every 10 entries could also be considered to be doing rather well. Of course, I’m nowhere near blogging .400. But I do think I manage to stay above the blogging equivalent of the Mendoza Line.

I'm not even going to think about my blogging average, but I'd like to tell modest Joe he's doing a lot better than he imagines. You're the Sammy Sosa of blogland, Joe; I've seen you hit a whole lot of dingers over there. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

I agree, B. The Evangelical Outpost is one of my "check daily" blogs, along with you, The Anchoress, Faith in Fiction, and a handful of others (political, literary, and theological, for the most part--including my guilty pleasure rant blog--Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller).

EO ROCKS! And I've been checking out their sponsored blog, a new one called Intellectuelle. I loved the concept (a group of brainy Christian ladies blogging away.) So far, I'm not that excited, but I'll give em a chance to warm up. :)


Dee said...

i agree. He's doing pretty good. lately, i've been wandering around japanese and korean bloggerlands. their blogs are so bright and colorful.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Wow. my blogging average has to be pretty low. LOL Granted I don't blog every day. Usually 1-4 times a week. When it is 4 that is a big deal LOL. But as to them being worthy of attention? I'm not so sure. But I do have an average of 100 people a day so I can't be all bad. LOL Then again I don't get comments like you do. LOL
I think your blog is worthy of attention, I enjoy it.

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Heather.

Dee, if you come back, I'm curious about the Japanese and Korean blogs. Point us to a good one, will ya? I'm interested in seeing their designs.