Sunday, July 17, 2005

Google giggles

It's funny how you can mention a name one time on a blog and Google will send you traffic forever after. A while back I wrote about a bunch of authors who had written to Oprah Winfrey, and I'm still getting traffic every single day from people who want Oprah's address.* A couple of weeks ago I made the mistake of writing about George Hincapie, Lance Armstrong's workhorse in the Tour de France. Now everyone's coming to my little blog to find out about George's marriage and his daughter.**

If I wanted to play some Googley games, I might write that I'm thinking about taking a trip to Paris. I might mention that I'd like to stay somewhere really nice, say at the Hilton. And I might talk about all the photos I would take to share with you here on the blog. Would anyone care to guess what kind of traffic Google's going to send me now? Yep, that's right -- Paris Hilton photos.

Oprah and George Hincapie and Paris Hilton fans, I'm sorry you have come all this way across the blogosphere for nothing. But since you are here, can I interest you in a good romance novel?

* Sorry folks. It's not like she's on my Christmas card list.

** Is he married? Does he have a daughter? Beats the heck out of me.


Earlier today George Hincapie won his first-ever stage in the Tour de France. Woo-hoo! First that impressive finish in the Paris-Roubaix and now this. Way to go, Big George.


Neal said...

Great idea Brenda. Generating traffic the subversive way. Must try some of that myself.

Brenda Coulter said...

Ha. Don't bother emulating my "marketing strategy," Neal. I hardly think the people who come here looking for Paris Hilton photos are going to feel kindly disposed toward this smart-alecky romance novelist. ;-)