Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hoping for a traffic jam

Like most bloggers, I am obsessed with my traffic stats. Which makes absolutely no sense. It's not like I get a nickel (or anything, apart from a stroke to my ego) whenever one of you opens this page. But yesterday I put a counter over there in the right-hand column so anybody who's interested can watch this blog become famous.*

As I write this, SiteMeter is telling me that 1,539 visitors have looked at my blog during the past 14 days. That's a lie. If you came yesterday and then again today, you were counted twice. So it's actually 1,539 visits, not visitors. I have no idea how many actual warm bodies are represented in that number. I believe my sister and my Number One Son come every day, so that accounts for 28 visits (in the past two weeks) right there. Still, I'm thrilled that lots of people seem to be enjoying this blog, and I just wanted to say thanks for reading. And double thanks if you've told friends about me or linked to me from your place.

Those of you who weren't around when I began this project five months ago may be interested in reading my very first post, which is right here.

*I'm feeling mischievous today, so I believe I'll just let you wonder whether I'm kidding or dreaming big.

Looking for Oprah's address?

Ever since I posted this entry about Oprah Winfrey's book club, I've been getting "how can I write to Oprah?" queries from Google every single day. I should have known that saying "Oprah" so many times in one blog entry would catch Google's attention.

I don't have Oprah's address, but here is a link to her official website. You're very welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda,
you know I come here very day, to see if you have wrote anything!

tristan coulter said...

If anyone wants to write to Oprah, you can send the mail to me. I live about a half mile from her Studio and 2 miles from her condo. I’ll tape it to her door.

Anonymous said...

tristan, aren't you busy with school work to be messenger?

haze said...

I stop by whenever bloglines says you've updated. Blogs are certainly an addiction for me.

tristan coulter said...

my alter ego is a bike messenger. that's why i race through traffic on a track bike with one gear and no brakes.

(sorry, mom)

Anonymous said...

Tristan, have you ever seen Quicksilver with Kevin Bacon,
if you want to be a bike messenger
that's your movie.

Brenda Coulter said...

Haze, I have a blog problem, too. What would we do without Bloglines? ;-)

Tristan, I thought I told you to stop watching those "extreme cycling" videos. You don't need to get any more ideas....

By the way, I realized last night that I'm going to be watching the "Tour de Lance" all by myself this year. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

I do come everyday...sometimes several. Unless I am really under a deadline, as I am now. In which case, I have to restrict myself.

But even if I don't visit so often, I still love you.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

I usually come every day but I haven't been hear in like two weeks are so... so normally your numbers would be higher if I would have been around. ;-)

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Oh man I should so read these posts before I post them. that should say "I haven't been HERE in like two weeks OR so