Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Chillin' with Anne

Today is the birthday of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. She led a fascinating life and died in 2001 at the age of 94. Today she would have been 99.

About every other summer, I pull out my battered little copy of her Gift from the Sea. Although it's a very short book and I'm a ravenous reader, I never rip through it in one sitting. It usually takes me a week of sunny summer afternoons and a dozen frosty glasses of minted iced tea to get through it. I pluck a sprig of fresh lavendar for a bookmark (it's also good for sniffing and twiddling as I alternately read and daydream), then I settle into my favorite chair on the patio and whisper the book to myself, allowing Anne's words to wash over me like warm, gentle waves caressing a seashore.

Could you use a mini vacation right about now? Dig up a copy of Gift From the Sea, then fill a tall glass with some wonderful icy drink and indulge in a little summer dreaming.

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