Monday, May 02, 2005

Just so you know

Below is part of a comment first-time visitor Monica left yesterday on this old post. She made some interesting observations about chick lit, but I'm quoting her first paragraph because she brought up a point I've been meaning to address:
First time at your blog...I'm surprisingly refreshed and engaged. Surprisingly because, like your feelings for chick lit as a bubble gum genre, I've found the majority inspirational romance I've read to be self-righteous, preachy, and somewhat boring--however, I haven't read any of yours. I might be pleasantly surprised because blogs tend to reflect the author's tone.
I appreciate the kind words, Monica, but I'm not sure you would like my romance novels. They're unapologetically Christian, so if you find most inspirational romances "self-righteous", there's every chance you'd feel the same way about mine. But I'd like to point out that when I write inspirational romance, it's with my home team in mind. My aim is not to evangelize, but to give people who already share my values and beliefs a love story they can feel good about reading. So if anyone thinks the "God stuff" in my writing is heavy-handed, I can only answer that the people for whom I am writing appear to like it just fine.

Judging by comments left here on my blog, messages sent to me privately, and my referrer logs, I'd say fewer than half of you who are reading these words would stand beside me and identify yourselves as conservative Christians. Most of you are here because while you may not share my worldview, you think I'm funny or smart or I post interesting links. Yes, I am aware that a handful of you come because my opinions--oh, let's face it, my very existence makes your blood boil and you love ranting about my "narrow views" in other forums. But that's okay. Everyone is welcome here. Although you should know that every time someone makes a disparaging comment about me on another blog, a bunch of new people rush over here to see if I really am as awful as they've heard. And some of them stay.

This blog is about reading and writing romance novels. Yes, I'm a Christian, but believe it or not, I am capable of participating in a conversation without waving my Bible and screaming "Repent now!" every thirty seconds. Stick around and I'll prove it.

I'm aware that not everyone reading this shares my worldview. But we do share a world, and I'm all in favor of getting along. In fact, the Bible tells me to make myself as agreeable as possible without compromising my principles:

Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

Hebrews 12:14 NIV


lindaruth said...


Monica said...

Now I have to go and get your book, darn it.

You missed the word "majority," my code word for white. I like some black inspirational romance and fiction, and I consider myself to be very Christian.

Just not that conservative, narrow, intolerant stripe. If I'd be scared to go into their church, it ain't for me.

My personal beliefs include that it's up to the Lord to judge others, set things straight, and take His veangeance, not mine. I also don't think He'd approve of the corrupt, selfish, and greedy politics of our time.

A lot of Christians are like me. So, if the Christian message is pure, untainted by politics, human judgmentalness, and the writing not boring, I may like your books just fine.

Chris said...

Brenda said: "a handful of you come because my opinions--oh, let's face it, my very existence makes your blood boil and you love ranting about my "narrow views" in other forums."

We can do this?! I didn't know. My life has been wasted until this moment.

Have a great week, Brenda ('great' is my code word for 'excellent').


Brenda Coulter said...

Would you people stop tossing around all these code words? I have enough trouble with plain English, thank you. ;-)

Monica, you sound like a class act.

Chris said...

The sparrow barks at midnight.

'nuff said.


Sharon said...

I think you are very correct in that a lot of people don't understand that inspirational romances are not there to convert the masses or to preach a message. They are simply there for a readership who already agree with the core values presented. They read these books because they don't find it anywhere else.

But I also feel that "non Christians" could read most inspirationals and be pleasantly surprised to uncover a beautiful love story, just as in any other "genre" of romance novels ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey can I join this party, I just got here, long day! I like book's that Brenda and the other lady's write for, because when you are though with one you feel good about it, they are a breath of fresh air!

Celeste said...

I have been wanting to read one of these inspirational novels for months. You can count on the fact that I'll be scanning books shelves for your name!

Small Blue Thing said...

Really do the people do that
Yes, I am aware that a handful of you come because my opinions--oh, let's face it, my very existence makes your blood boil and you love ranting about my "narrow views" in other forums.

Listen, I'm a europpean, sociallist worker, buddhist lady; and I not only read your blog _but I share it with everyone who visits mine.... the same I have with sara, a Sufi Muslim girl in Abu Dabi.

I told you a while ago that differences are more important for me than similities. I only hope you'll appreciate my writings as I do appreciate yours.

Blue Thing

Brenda Coulter said...

Yep, Janice, this "party" is for everyone.

Celeste, my second book won't be out until March, but my first one is still available at several online stores. Check my website for a list of links to the places that have copies left. Or just read someone else's inspirational romance. ;-) I'm eager to know how you like them.

Blue Thing, you are always a delight. I hope you know you are very welcome here.