Friday, May 06, 2005

All that jazz

I've got just a minute, but I wasn't able to post this morning and I wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend.

After a ten-hour workday, my husband has just returned to our hotel in Old Town Alexandria. The oil men have other plans for the first half of the evening, so in a few minutes I will don my posh frock (it sparkles!) and straighten my husband's bow tie and the two of us will head off to Jazzmatazz, an annual charity thing that features a host of jazz singers and musicians making noise performing on multiple stages. I don't care for jazz (did you guess that?) but my hunk o' burnin' love is a fan. He was especially thrilled at last year's event by something called "salsa jazz". People, there really is no accounting for taste.

Let's be clear about this: I am attending this thing for two reasons: to see some friends and to enjoy some incredible food (at $1,250 a head, non-incredible food would be a deal-breaker for me, even if the company is paying). I'll try to wait until 10:30 before I start tugging on my husband's arm, and shortly after that we'll meet up with the oil men for some late-night fun.

The rest of our weekend is as yet unplanned, but I know it's going to be great. Hope yours is, too.

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Celeste said...

Can I come? I promise to be good and like the music!