Friday, April 22, 2005

Out of focus

Last week an interested friend asked, "So, what's the focus of your blog?"

Uh . . . focus? I'm supposed to have a focus if I'm going to blog? Sorry, I must've missed that memo. I tried to tell my friend that I just write about writing and reading and--

"Oh." She looked impressed. "So it's one of those literary weblogs I've been hearing so much about."

Goodness, no. I leave the litblogging to people who are smarter and use bigger words and who read Important Contemporary Authors and can actually understand them. You want a litblog, go see Beatrice or The Elegant Variation or The Happy Booker. There is no litblog here.

"So what kind of blog is it?"

Well, I guess it's my kind of blog. Check the title: No rules.

I didn't quite know where I was headed with all this when I started blogging, but after almost four months I've kind of settled into a pleasant (for me) pattern of alternating stuff and nonsense. Sometimes you get stuff (I try hard to make it important and relevant stuff) and sometimes you just get nonsense (like today, for example). But I think I'm a pretty average person, so what interests and amuses me is bound to interest and amuse a lot of other people, too. Right?

Last week I was invited to become one of the regular columnists over at Romancing the Blog. The gig is just one column a month, so I figured I could handle that easily and have a little fun. But now I'm starting to worry. The f-word was not mentioned in our negotiations, but do you think those people might be assuming that my monthly contributions will have some kind of focus?



Camy Tang said...

Hey, congrats on the column. That is way cool. You will SPAH-KUL! I love your focus-less blog, you make me think and you make me laugh. What are writers if not entertainers? You rock, girl!

Brenda Coulter said...

Camy, sweetheart, if I had any chocolate, I'd share it with you. Thanks for the warm fuzzies.

Jaynie R said...

I think you'll do great on RTB. I found your blog from comments you made over there that I was impressed with.


Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Jaynie. You're very kind.

Kate R said...

you're going to do it, right? of course you are.

Brenda Coulter said...

Of course I am, Kate. ;-) Starting on Monday, May 9.