Friday, April 08, 2005

I can't get no.... (Sing it with me.)


A thousand apologies to everyone who has tried and been unable to leave comments on this blog during the past week. Yes, Blogger is throwing another of its legendary fits. A fellow victim e-mailed me last night and said he was unable to post to his blog--were things as glitchy for me?

Yes and no. I can post just fine, but hardly anyone has been able to leave comments. Which is a real shame because my traffic has been at an all-time high this week, and I'm sure many of you had witty and profound things to say.

Please take pity on me and give the comment thing another try sometime. And, hey--thanks for reading my blog. You people are the best.

I'll post more later this morning. If I can.


Brenda Coulter said...

Testing, testing, one, two, three....

Anonymous said...

What kind of test are you giving?
I don't like test!
guess who! ;-D