Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Do you hear what I hear?

So there's this guy named Tim. He's a playwright and an unabashed eavesdropper, and on his blog he's posting snippets of conversations he overhears in public. The quotes are thought-provoking and hilarious, perhaps all the more so because Tim is (and we are) unaware of their context. Here are a couple of good lines:

19 March, 2005
Mom Telling Baby I'm Not Her Daddy

"No, that's not Daddy. Yes, Daddy also has an umbrella. But that's not Daddy."

18 March, 2005
Guy Impressing Date On Bus

"I read in Time Magazine about this guy who's 8 feet, 7 inches tall. Apparently that's really rare."

Check out Overheard Lines (via Terry's friend OGIC over at About Last Night.)

Here's one more, especially for my Number One Son:

13 March, 2005
Guy Rocking Out To Jukebox In Bar

"No, man, this is Oasis. They were the next U2 back before Coldplay was the next U2."

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tristan coulter said...

That last comment is great! I've heard people say similar things. I love how you can't be an original band these days... You're doomed to be "the next [enter band here]".

I eavesdrop on the trains here. I'll have to look through to see if I have anything I can post. Some of the things I've overheard are downright ridiculous.