Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm still here

Today my blog is one month old. I'd like to thank all of you who have visited here, talked up my site, linked to it, left a comment, or e-mailed me privately. You've made this a great experience for me.

And yes, I'm even going to thank The Blogger Who Shall Remain Nameless. Hey, I was grateful for the 51 visitors she sent me yesterday. I don't know what she's saying about me over there (no, I'm not going to look; and if any of you stumble across that stuff please don't send me excerpts), but of the people who clicked through from her site to read my "controversial" post, more than half stayed to peruse other pages of my blog. Seven of them stayed longer than an hour and went through all of my archives. (Yes, I can tell that from my logs.) So I guess it's really true that there's no such thing as bad publicity.

But I apologize to all of you who don't understand what happened here yesterday. The individual who wanted to pound me into the ground apparently didn't get that my post was about Terry Teachout, not her, and that I was referring to "mean people" in general, not singling out anyone in her posse. I guess she failed to notice how carefully I avoided mentioning her blog or even the topic we had discussed over there.

Since her blog's audience and mine don't really overlap, and since I am very small potatoes in the blogosphere and she is Somebody, I was more than a little surprised that she thought it worth her time to come over here and straighten me out. I'm no threat to her. To paraphrase Terry Teachout, I'm just a girl with a blog. If you don't like it, move on.

I perceive that some of you are still here. Great. My profoundest thanks to you. Now let's get back to having fun, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you and Blogger
for making it this far!!!!!
hope you have more to come ;-D
if I had know I would have baked you a cake
Happy DAy

Valerie Comer said...

Does your Blogger dashboard not allow you to eliminate single comments and to disable further comments to a post? Not that I had anything so exquisitely witty to say that I am heartbroken that my comment disappeared, but I just wondered if not all dashboards were created equal? (At least I think I can do that on mine...goes trotting off to check...)

Brenda Coulter said...

You're right, Valerie. I could have deleted that single comment. I considered doing so, but it seemed wiser to disallow all comments rather than leave a door open for people to discuss Romance Writers of America business and erotic romance novels. I'm the Queen of this blog, and I say we don't talk about that stuff here.

On the whole I've been quite satisfied with Blogger, but they were incredibly glitchy yesterday. I had a terrible time getting my blog entry up, and the comment I apologized for deleting actually got posted (by Blogger) three times. I never saw a comment from you, and that's a shame because I'm sure you did say something witty. ;-)

Anonymous, thank you for the "birthday" wishes.

Valerie Comer said...

LOL, not a big deal one way or the other. I just wasn't sure if you'd noticed that you could delete individual ones, that's all. (I think you're about as new to blogger as I am, so I wasn't sure.) Disabling it totally on that post sounds like valid reasoning to me, now that you mention it. Have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brenda Coulter said...

Sorry, "Anonymous", but I was compelled to delete your comment.

Oh, I hated to do it. You are clearly an intelligent, insightful, articulate individual and, hey -- you were supporting my position. ;-) But fair's fair, and I did say we weren't going to discuss that particular issue on my blog.

You were discussing it, babe. So even though I agree with what you wrote, I had to kill the post. Hope you understand. Please come back and let's talk about something else.

Anonymous said...

B.C., not a problem. After I spent all that time writing it, I realized...wait a minute? Are we not supposed to discuss thig? But...being impudent and all... ; )
Love ya still

Brenda Coulter said...

Mir, I thought that post must have been from you, but you didn't sign it.

Thanks for understanding. Love you right back.

Small Blue Thing said...

Hi! Greetings from another Girl-with-a-Blog. A buddhist, no deep-thoughtfull, girl who reads you from Madrid, Spain.

I'm a writer too, and your posts make my work stronger.

See you!
Blue Thing

Brenda Coulter said...

Small Blue Thing, I just peeked at your Blogger profile. Enjoyed the poem, and I was tempted to click through to your site, pero mi espanol es muy mal.Since you appear to have excellent taste in music (Capercaillie, Mary Black) you are welcome here any time. ;-) Thanks for saying hello.

Anonymous said...

Bienvenida, Small Blue Thing! It's funny. I went to your blog, and halfway through the poem, I thought, "Whoa, this could be Suzanne Vega lyrics". Imagine my chuckle the second I saw the attribution--Suzanne's name after the poem. :) SOLITUDE STANDING is one of my all-time fave albums. IMO, it's brilliant. Pues, gracias por compartir esa poema con nosotras. (trans: So, thanks for sharing that poem with us.)

Anyone who digs Suzanne Vega has to be "buena gente." (translation: "good people")
Mir--whose Spanish is el sucko, but who manages....