Sunday, January 30, 2005

Good questions

One of my internet pals has asked, in a very nice way, why this isn't a "Christian" blog.

Well, actually, it is.

I'm a Christian and this is my blog. Look at the top of this page. It says right up there that I'm an inspirational romance author. Now check out the links down there on the right-hand side. More than half of them lead to Christian sites. And if you click over to my website you'll see a daily Bible verse.

Friends, I'm not hiding anything. My faith is the most important part of my life, so you're bound to get a glimpse of it if you spend much time reading what I write. But this blog wasn't created for use as an evangelistic tool.

Not that there would be anything wrong with that. It's just not what I want to do here. I want to talk about books and publishing and reading and writing with other people who care about those things. I don't think our differing spiritual affiliations will prevent us from having some enjoyable discussions, so if you're a romance reader or writer, you're welcome here. Bottom line.

I just want to reiterate something I wrote here last week. This is a G-rated blog, so we are not going to discuss erotic romance. Ever. And this is an apolitical blog, so we are not going to bash (or bash others who bash) the latest brilliant or foolish (depending on your perspective) decisions by Romance Writers of America. That said, if you'd like to suggest some other topic for me to blog about, leave a comment here or zap me an e-mail:

(Can't use the "@" sign here because the spammers will pounce on my address.)

Turning a corner, I have some advice for those of you who are thinking about getting a new computer: Don't.

Really. It takes forever to reload all of your can't-live-without-it software, and it will not go off without a hitch. Trust me, you're going to have trouble finding the right driver for your printer, you won't be able to find the "product key" for MS Word, and it will take days and days (if not weeks and weeks) to get all of your settings back the way you like them. I've been using the same old notebook PC for three years and I was not eager to get a new one.

But the traitorous machine died on me. Dramatically. I mean, the thing actually caught fire and spit out smoke.

As my longsuffering husband and I trudged out of the computer store some $1,200 poorer yesterday afternoon, I asked, "Remember when they told us computers were going to simplify our lives?"

He just grumbled something and tucked the checkbook back into his pocket. And all the way home I tried to remember what was so complicated about our lives twenty years ago that we thought we needed that first computer.


Small Blue Thing said...

What am I seeing? Just a new Believer in The Penguin's Fait! Praise Linux!! :) _just kitting.

Well, I've felt such an emotion when I've read your post. As a Buddhist, I felt very happy of meeting an inspirated writer _never felt different my reading because of she said she was a Christian. And I hope deserving the same thing for my own posts.

If you please me, I'd like to tell you something: after reading this post, I've felt Faith _your faith and Charity, expressed in lovely words _literally love. And I've said 'well, That's Gospel'.

I'll enjoy reading you
Blue Thing

Brenda Coulter said...

Thanks, Blue Thing. You sound like a very nice person.